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24 Hour Monitoring Perth WA

Fortitude Security’s full range of standard and multi-path cellular monitoring services are staffed by security experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because there should never be a time where your business does not feel protected.


A monitored alarm system can offer:
  • The option to have a trained security officer respond
  • Assured notification to key holders in the event of alarm activation
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Immediate action from security professionals who are monitoring 24 hours a day
  • An immediate response if a security or smoke alarm is activated
Why Use Monitoring System

Our monitoring system is one of the most effective solutions that we offer in the protection of your business. Our asset protection manager will work alongside you to establish your requirements and then provide a written solution for you prior to engagement. We understand that all businesses are unique and have varying requirements, but Fortitude caters for all different types.

The equipment we use is highly advanced and made of the best quality parts and it captures footage monitored by our own in-house, highly trained, fully licensed staff that you can contact directly. The approach we take to your security is of the highest level of professionalism, because it is what your business expects and deserves.

To put it simply, the best way to assure your peace of mind for your business and all within your premises is to take advantage of the full monitoring service that Fortitude proudly offers.

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