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We provide commercial & residential security solutions

Fortitude provides commercial and residential security solutions to give you safety and security at your home or business. Although we specialise in the design, supply and installation of advanced security systems, our services go beyond this. We tailor our range of innovative services to match the requirements of the different clients we have. There is no substitution for safety and our services ensure that you are always protected.

We offer so much more than just our advanced electronic security. Human intelligence is at the core of our business and we have incorporated this into the services that we deliver.


As leaders and specialists in security industry, Fortitude recognise the role that electronics play in ensuring your protection. Installing only premium quality, locally supported equipment and our own in-house, highly trained and fully licensed staff, we can facilitate the installation of your new systems to the highest level of professionalism that your business deserves and expects. Furthermore, we use electronics to protect your home so you can feel as safe at home as you do at work.

We offer a number of high tech devices that can cover your business or home and allow you to see it from your smartphone anywhere in the world. These devices include IP CCTV and GPRS/GSM Dialers. Our security systems have been modified over time to keep up with the latest changes in technological advancement.

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There is no time of the day where you shouldn’t feel like your business is being protected and in the event of your alarm system being activated
Our staff is trained to take immediate action to any risk.

You will be given a direct point of contact so you can speak to the Fortitude staff member any given time.

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Remote Access Mobile CCTV Towers

Fortitude has a large range of remotely accessible Camera Towers that are available for temporary and long-term hire. The mobile security system is versatile and accommodates CCTV, Wi-Fi, surveillance monitoring, infra-red detectors and evidence quality footage

With the option to have a trained security guard, our Camera towers will give you absolute peace of mind at all times. Camera towers are just another example of how we at Fortitude tailor our service to accommodate the variety of needs that different types of businesses have.

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Guards and Security Patrols

Fortitude also offers security guards to protect your business, should you require them for a number of different reasons. Each business is different, so our guards will fulfill a range of different needs.

From static guards, who attend your premises as deterrents to potential thieves, mobile patrol or alarm responses, our committed team will go above and beyond to protect your business in whatever way you need it. At Fortitude Security, the safety of our clients is our priority and we will always have a solution for your security needs.

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